In 1914, during the heyday of Juneau’s gold mining era, Art McKinnon opened a transfer business. Starting out with nothing but a wagon and two horses, he called it Reliable Transfer. The company began at 346 Franklin Street, moved to 141 S. Franklin in 1930 and finally to 200 N. Franklin in 1950. In addition to Reliable, there were many other transfer companies including Alaska Transfer, Berry Transfer, General Transfer, Juneau Transfer, R & M Transfer, City Transfer, Femmer Transfer, Standard Transfer and Northern Transfer.  Reliable purchased their first truck in 1920.Today Reliable Transfer is not so different from how it was back in 1914. The original phone number was 149, now you can reach us at 789-1490. The early slogans were “Courtesy and good service – that’s our motto”, “there goes Reliable” and “rely on Reliable”. Many of these slogans we still use today. We are a small business committed to serving both the community and our employees. In some ways we have changed for the best. We now have a coffee service that started out in 1989; we became a carrier for Xerox in 1991 and later achieved Xerox’s “Top Quality Management” certification in 1997. Reliable Transfer was listed as the top carrier for North America and the Pacific Islands, in 1995 Reliable Transfer became the courier of liquor for local businesses. We have recently expanded our courier service and have begun providing shore-side services for the cruise ship and chartered yacht industry. As evidenced by our past, Reliable does its best for every customer in every way possible. Talk to us today to learn more about the eventful moving and storage history of Reliable Movers in Juneau, AK.


Our Leader

Roger Calloway began his career in the transportation industry with the USCG as a transportation specialist. Roger joined the team of Reliable Transfer in 1986 as a warehouseman. After working his way up in the company, he decided to take the bold step of ownership and purchased the company from the Leaf Brothers in 1996.

In the years since, Roger has endevored to expand our services into the many-faceted transportation company we are today. We became the leading Xerox Carrier in the Pacific NorthWest, began distributing coffee in 1999, and most recently began providing small package and express courier services in 2008.


Our Crew

Our Crew is our greatest strength. The Men and Women of Reliable Transfer are experienced, professional, hard-working, and provide excellent customer service. We treat all of our customers with the same level of dignity and respect, no matter the size of the job. Our customers consistently provide feedback confirming that our employees represent Reliable Transfer with the highest degree of professionalism.


Our Fleet

Our Fleet at Reliable Transfer is comprised of a wide variety of vehicles designed to accomodate everything from the smallest one pound envelope to some of the largest items legally transported on the road system and includes tractors, trailers, flatbeds, box-trucks, vans, courier vehicles, forklifts, a Model-T and a functional antique Gerlinger yard bull.